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How to make your Judo more Street effective

By reading the title to this post, you may think that we are implying that Judo may not be street friendly. The truth is, Judo trains you to clinch, grapple and stay on your feet, something that is very important when it comes to street fighting. Coupled with the powerful throws, the restraining techniques and submission holds Judo teaches a very effective way to defend oneself.

So why does a Judoka need to worry about making his fighting more street effective if it is already so. Well simply put, the effectiveness of Judo for self defence is only, if the above mentioned techniques of Judo are practised in a self defence manner.

Most Judoka are so used to practising sport Judo that when it comes to practising their techniques in a self defence manner, they find it hard to use their Judo effectively, however, the following may help Judoka use there techniques more effectively for self defence.

Gripping/controlling after defending strikes - At the start of a Judo match or sparring, Judoka freely grip each other without worrying about being hit. This allows them to obtain a throw applying grip, pretty easily. Most street fight clinch scenarios however are nearly always preceded by striking of some sort. Judoka must learn to control their opponents after defending strikes in order to make there Judo more street effective.

Throw while remaining standing – It is fashionable now for Judoka to fall to the floor, spin or even somersault themselves when throwing their opponents in competition. This may help in winning points on the lovely cushioned mat but against a concrete floor, it hurts. Judoka must learn to remain standing when throwing.

Practise submissions from a standing position - By grappling and scrambling on the floor during a street fight, one presents all sorts of problems to themselves. Learning to apply joint locks and chokes from standing is much more safer and street effective then grappling on the floor.

Learn to strike during osaekomi (holding techniques) – This is something that MMA fighters do very well. Punching from the mount, kneeing from side control etc. These are all things that a Judoka must adopt if he is to become a good street fighter. As mentioned, fighting on the floor should be avoided if possible, but sometimes it is impossible. If the fight does pursue to the floor and you are holding/restraining your opponent, you may need to deliver strikes to further defend yourself and this should be considered during your practise.

The above are just a few considerations for Judoka to think about when it comes to street fighting. Judo IS an effective form of self defence, but the current fashion of Judo training seems to prohibit the practise of self defence in many Judo classes. If training for competition is only on your agenda then don’t worry about anything mentioned above, but if you want to be able to use your Judo training for self defence as well as for competition then please consider the above points carefully.

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