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No Gi Essentials, by Roy Dean

No Gi grappling is very popular. More and more martial artists are starting to train no gi and this DVD is tailored specifically for this. Roy Dean, a master of the martial arts has done an excellent job in providing no gi grappling lessons that all martial arts will find enlightening. No Gi Essentials is presented professionally, very practically and easy to understand by all.

Roy Dean starts by showing essential movements and grips. These concepts are very important for no gi fighting just as they are for gi fighting and Roy clearly gives this section adequate focus with demonstrations proving that what he teaches is 100% effective.

Many grappling DVDs, when demonstrating takedowns, focus merely on single leg and double leg takedowns with variations. Roy Dean’s takedown chapter however provides viewers with much more. His deep knowledge of other martial art styles comes into play here as he demonstrates many other takedowns which can be found in Judo, Sambo and other forms of submission wrestling. Being such an expert, Roy has combined all of his takedown knowledge from many arts to provide his own expression of martial arts and in this chapter, it is clear to see.

The arm drag chapter is given a great deal of focus. It is a very essential technique that must become second nature to no gi grapplers and Roy gives demos of how it can be effective from various different positions, also showing techniques that can easily be applied after the arm drag.

The kimura and the guillotine are also demonstrated by Roy but unlike other DVDs, Roy provides options. Options and variations for when these techniques go wrong/or are countered. Roy doesn’t simply show a few basic techniques, keeping the secrets for himself, rather, he passes on the vital knowledge needed to succeed, on to others, gained from his many years of training. This is one of the reasons why Roy Deans DVD’s as so special and should be obtained by all serious martial artists.

The rolling analysis is where Roy becomes your own personal tutor. Narrating his own sparring sessions, he describes his own movements along with his sparring partners. This is great for viewers, so as they can see the exact movements Roy demonstrates in this DVD in real action, proving there effectiveness. A lot can be learnt by studying this rolling analysis chapter.

Disc 2 starts by providing viewers with options and learning material from the guard and the mount. Many options are given from these two vital positions and again Roy does a great job of providing expert tuition.

The side mount escapes chapter is including also in disc 2. It is amazing to still see grapplers with not much knowledge in this area, and Roy provides options and ideas for the aspiring grappler to learn and drill. Roy also demonstrates “baiting”. A very important and effective way of opening your opponent’s ankles when in there guard, and something that all should be aware of.

Training for many years with Roy Harris has provided Roy Dean with great knowledge of leg locks. This DVD shows leg lock combinations, options and variations which every grappler should be aware of and should practise regularly.

This is a great DVD. It shows Roy Dean at his best. Not just as a martial artist but also as a teacher. He speaks clearly, keeps the DVD from not getting boring and most importantly provides no gi essential tuition. It should be purchased by all martial artists.

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Karate Depot said...

Hmm, interesting! we always tray to keep our eyes out for good new resources, and it sounds like this one might fit the bill.

Thanks for the insightful commentary.

Jason said...

Very nice blog, I have read most of your posts and would like to say great job keep up the good work.

Lori (Jiu-jitsu Sensei Martial Arts/Self-Defense Blog) said...

This looks like a great DVD for any martial artist interested in grappling. I'll have to check it out. :)

Sana said...

he passes us the vital knowledge needed to succeed in this field

martial arts equipment

Paul @ Throw Ninja Star said...

I'll be honest when I first read the opening sentence I thought they were advocating naked grappling as very popular and I was thinking whoa I'm in the wrong location, thankfully I read on :-). I will check this one out.

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