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Art of the Wirstlock, by Roy Dean

Many people view Aikido as a waste of time. They see it as ineffective and not practical. Wrist locks, a major part of Aikido, have been around since the dawn of time. They are used amongst law enforcement officers throughout the world to restraint assailants however, for some reason martial artists do not use them to the degree that they should be used. This DVD by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert, Roy Dean, proves to you that they can be more effective than many people think and that with the correct training they can be made to fit in with modern BJJ.

The DVD begins with Roy introducing viewers to various styles of ju jutsu. Nearly every martial artist has heard of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu thanks to MMA but there are so many other styles of ju jutsu that have been practised for many years that no one has heard of. Roy does a good job of expanding the viewer’s knowledge and during this brief introduction, Roy describes to the viewers his own training in Aikido and why many deem it as ineffective.

The Basic 5 chapter is where Roy demonstrates the 5 basic techniques of Aikido. He does this slow and with understandable explanations coupled with expert tutorials. The Shihonage and Kotegaeshi chapters are also given thorough examination by Roy. These are very important movements in Aikido and Roy outlines there effectiveness with clear demonstrations.

The ground fighting chapter is what many BJJ, Judo and other submission fighters should find very enlightening. Here, Roy demonstrates how the techniques outlined in the chapters above can be applied through common ground fighting scenarios.

The demonstrations chapter not only teaches, but inspires and motivates. It provides some great watching material to give viewers the drive to get into the dojo, learn, drill and implement Roys teachings shown in this DVD. It really is great to see the master showing his prowess here.

Disc 2 is an extra treat for the viewers. It provides footage of 3 seminars held at the Yosokan Dojo in California and covers basic BJJ techniques and how they are combined and there correlation with Aikido techniques. Also no gi leg lock footage taken from one of the seminars is shown. This is very interesting to see, especially for martial artists not used to leg locks as the principles for wrist locks and leg locks are the same.

When viewers watch this DVD they will clearly see how Aikido wristlocks can be applied in BJJ, submission fighting and even MMA. Aikido has something to offer to non Aikidoka and Roy has done an excellent job in proving this. It is a DVD that should be purchased by all martial artists.

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