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Striking Takedowns

Takedowns are a major part of martial arts. For MMA, they provide one with the opportunity to ground and pound, or work for a submission hold, and for self defence, taking down your opponent can provide you with the chance to flee the area quickly.

Many people think that takedowns are performed only via grappling, throwing or picking up your opponent. However, one can perform a takedown by striking their opponent with power. These striking takedowns are so valuable for all martial artists to consider and start practising if not already.

Some simple strike takedowns include,

Power foot sweep – The power foot sweep involves a hard kick with ones lower shin similar to a roundhouse kick, instead of a sweeping motion with the sole of the foot, aiming for the lower calf area of your opponents leg. Your aim with this strike is to strike through your opponent visualising this throughout the execution of the technique. It is very painful if performed correctly.

Power foot sweep after grabbing a leg – The same power foot sweep described above is performed once your have caught your opponents leg from either defending a kick or after attempting a takedown.

Knee to the outside of the thigh – This strike takedown is great when clinched with your opponent. It is performed by driving your knee into the outside of your opponents thigh whilst pulling him in the opposite direction to where your are striking.

The push – A technique that is old, classic and very valuable if performed correctly. When you push your opponent your should aim for the middle chest area. Also you should drive your body weight forward with the push. If performed correctly, your opponent will be easily taken of balance and shall fall.

Kick to the inside of the thigh - The front or side kicks are ideal for this. When you strike your opponents inside thigh with power, his leg will buckle and should fall easily. This is another great technique to perform when clinching your opponent and is part of basic Nahainchi kata bunkai.

Kick to back of the knee – This is for self defence only. A strong kick to the back of your opponent’s knee joint will easily and quickly drop them. It is very valuable for all to learn.

Strike takedowns are dangerous and should be practised with caution and with proper protection worn at all times. If one is able to master these described above, plus others, they shall be adding some very important and valuable techniques to their fighting repertoire.

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Ikigai said...

Some very nice examples there. all valuable and reasonable in a self defense environment.

Another one I like is placing your foot just behind their lead foot and driving a grabbing strike up through the throat, driving them down into the ground.

MARKS said...

IKIGAI - One definetely for self defence I think! Thanks for he comment

Anonymous said...

In SD against weapons I prefer kicking the side of the knee: done with gusto this would dislocate the kneecap and force a fall, in any case he won't get up again to attack you again. Kicking the back of the knee is great, especially coupled with a pull backward. After that he's basically helpless and you can finish any way you want: I like an empi to the back of the head or a hiza geri in the same place. Brutal but effective, lets just hope I won't have to use this stuff for real someday. My experience is that the more you train in violence and the better you get at it the less you want to use it for real. If push comes to shove and my life or anyone elses is in danger I'll fight but I'd rather not injure or maim someone if I can avoid it, for both moral and legal reason. Be a nice man, try to get along.

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