Friday, 9 April 2010

Kung Fu Grappling and Submission Techniques

The following is a video showing some of the grappling and submission techniques found in Chinese Kung Fu.

As someone with a grappling background in judo and submission grappling the principles behind the techniques are familiar but the way some of them are applied are new to me.

The techniques seem to be very painful, technical but most of all interesting. For self defence situations some of the techniques may be useful mainly because, the person performing them stays standing without going to the ground with his opponent which is very important for the streets. Enjoy!

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Bob Patterson said...

Marks -

Great find! This is Chin Na! All styles of Kung Fu have some Chin Na. Some masters have also developed pure Chin Na training. e.g. my lineage goes back to Dr. Yang and the YMAA.

My one complaint with our style is that most of the tackles, throws, and ground stuff does not come until advanced certification. That's about 4-5 years out!

I'm not so sure about the crazy screaming in that video. However, I mostly like what I see. A lot of it is very familiar -- especially using the head at odd angles to take someone down. As it pretty typical, there is also a lot of what some would call "dirty tactics".


MARKS said...

BOB - Thanks for that. It is a shame that the grappling/ground fighting is not started earlier on. I have always thought that this should be concentrated on early in ones training. In the same way I think kids should initially be introduced to grappling then later on striking.

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