Saturday, 24 April 2010

Kenji Midori Karate Kicks

The following video shows the kicking power, flexibility and speed of the "Little Dragon" Kyokushin fighter Kenji Midori

Be sure to watch out for his stop kicks which he uses to send his opponents crashing down towards the mat when they attempt an attack of their own.


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Bob Patterson said...

Is that Kyokushin Karate? Regardless, he's very impressive! I've never seen that sacrifice kick he keeps using -- he nails his opponent and also ends up prone. Cool stuff!

I have seen that push kick in tae kwon do -- some in TKD call it the cut kick. It's illegal below the protective vest. However, it's most effective if you can land it at the hip joint.

KarateStudent said...

KarateStudent ("KS") on Additional Response to the Commentor's @ MARKS Post, "Don't Drop Your Guard When Striking."

Both commentors on that post pointed out the fallacy of not keeping your hands up, re the recent knockout loss by Lyoto Machida by Shogun Rua @ UFC 113. Both commentors are highly-experienced martial artists and competent fighters.

KS, naturally being a karate stylist, is partial to Lyoto Machida. Nonetheless, KS was not surprised when Machida lost. As MARKS has said, fighters win fights, and the best fighter won.

KS loves watching Kyokushin Karate fighters fight. I think they do a lot of things right, including the reality testing of full contact that Mark's has driven home. KS, himself though, is not interested in training Kyokushin Karate.

As usual, most viewing this video, including Sensei[?] Bob Patterson, are all enamored with Kenji Midori's superb kicking prowess. From the perspective of a traditional martial artist, KS sees something quite different.

Since the much touted emphasis of Kyokushin Karate is its full contact fighting methodology, isn't this an excellent video to see what works (and doesn't work) in full contact?

And there is a terrific lesson in this video about what went wrong @ UFC 113. And it's not what the commentors have stated; in fact, the video refutes the boxing-and related type approach to full contact fighting.

KS went to Sensei Bob Patterson's site. Sensei Patterson, in a video presentaton, explains what karate is (an overview). IMO, Sensei Patterson is pointing aspiring martial artists in the right direction--especially, KARATE IS NOT A SPORT!


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