Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Seizing for Self Defence

Seizing is a very natural and ancient fighting technique. It does not need much practise for one to become efficient in seizing, but some basic training does help one develop this very effective part of fighting into a great asset of ones fighting arsenal.

Regarding combat sports, seizing is forbid in most. This is because many of the follow up techniques which flow from seizing your opponent are too dangerous for competition or seizing certain parts of the body cause great damage if applied properly.

However, for self defence purposes seizing can be vary effective and a great way of dealing with an attacker.

Some of the ways in which seizing can be effective include.

To create pain – The kind of pain that seizing can create depends on what part of the body is seized. For instance, if the bicep is seized via a clinch it causes pain, but is bearable to some degree. If the testicles are seized however, this is awfully painful and not bearable at all. Seizing to create pain is dangerous. If practising it is carried out then the seize should be very light.

To control – The hair can be seized to control the head, the forearms can be seized to control the arms and many other body parts can be seized in order to control. This is especially useful when defending against strikes and when delivering strikes. By controlling your opponent you can aim your strikes much more effectively and is a very useful method of fighting, especially when concerned with self defence.

To open up striking areas – When the hair is seized, the head can be pulled back in order to open up the throat for a strike. This is one way in which seizing can be used to open up striking areas. This is something that is worth researching and experimenting for all martial artists.

To lock – Especially useful when concerned with the fingers, seizing can be used to lock. By grabbing your opponent’s fingers, they can be locked quite easily. If one is involved in a self defence situation and the opportunity to lock your opponent’s fingers becomes available, it is worth taking.

Seizing is very useful. It is well worth every martial artist developing their skills in it and when used correctly can quickly become a major part of ones fighting method.

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