Monday, 15 March 2010

Muhammad Ali: Lessons from Legends

“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee!” This is the famous saying that was attributed to Muhammad Ali who some feel was the best boxer and sportsman to ever live.

Ali was someone who defied the odds. Winning the heavyweight championship in boxing three times, he was and still is an inspiration to many people throughout out the world.

By being who he is, he has taught us so much and here are just some of the most important points we can pick up from him.

Speed gets you places, fast! – Muhammad Ali was fast! Watch any of his fights and the speed at which he would jab and move is amazing. His lightening fast striking and movement is what kept most of his opponents chasing him trying to get a punch in.

Never stay still – As mentioned, Ali’s movement was fast. But even if it where not as fast as it was, it would still be of benefit to him. By using constant movement, his opponents could never establish a solid base in which to strike him. Ali knew that this would help him stay away from hard punches and used it wisely.

Timing is key – Against George Foreman, Ali got pummeled by the heavy striker for seven hard rounds. The only thing he did was use the now termed “Rope a Dope” technique in which he stayed against the ropes, guarding himself and took the hits. However, he knew that Foreman was going to punch himself into exhaustion and when this happened Ali unloaded on him, knocking him out. Ali timed it beautifully.

When there’s a will, there’s a way – No one thought that Ali had a chance against Foreman or Frazier. People thought they where to strong for Ali, and because Ali was not as fast as he used to be he would not be able to cope with them. However, against all odds, Ali proved that with a game plan and more importantly a strong will, anything is possible.

Ali will always be remembered, not just in the world of boxing but by all people, even those who don’t follow sports, simply because he has shown that trust in ones abilities and strong belief in success can allow you to do anything.

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