Monday, 22 March 2010

Mike Tyson: Lessons from Legends

Mike Tyson has had one of the most extravagant boxing careers of all time. Known primarily as a power fighter, Tyson ruled the heavyweight boxing world during the mid eighties to early nineties.

Being a protégé of the great trainer Cus D’Amato, he learned the sweet science to a tee and coupled with his natural raw strength he quickly became champion of the world. However, some feel that life outside of the ring may have contributed to Tyson not reaching his full potential but nevertheless, there are still valuable lessons to be learnt from the great ‘Iron Mike’.

Head movement – Mike’s head movement when watching most of his early fights was amazing. Using Cus D’Amato’s peek a boo style of boxing, Tyson would constantly bob, weave and move his head from side to side in between punches. His opponents where left punching nothing but air most of the time!

Power gets the job done – Tyson hit hard! Most of his fights were won due to knock out in which he would display legendary punching power. Through years of heavy bag hitting, Tyson achieved this required attribute which all fighters should try develop to their maximum.

Heavy can still be fast – Heavyweights weigh over 200lbs. Some think that being heavy means one loses speed. Tyson, like many other great heavyweights like Ali and Frazier proved that one can still be heavy and super fast.

Take the centre – Tyson always came out of his corner and took the centre of the ring. By taking the centre of the ring, your opponent receives the initial feeling that you are ready to fight without running away. Psychologically, this may have overpowered his opponents, and provided him with a win before even having to throw a punch.

Although Mike Tyson’s boxing career probably did not go the way he wanted it towards the end, he will always be known as one of the most entertaining fighters to have ever graced the square circle. Like Muhammad Ali he is another heavyweight boxing champion that has inspired millions and should always be given a round of applause because of it.

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