Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Martial Artists Looking Good

Does a martial artist need to obtain a bodybuilder type physique in order to be a successful martial artist. Media and movies especially, have portrayed the ideal martial artist as strong, fast and flexible with a physique that could win professional bodybuilding contests. Is this necessary though?

Not every martial arts practitioner has a bodybuilder type physique. Go into any martial arts school regardless of style and chances are, only a small percentage of the practitioners have well defined six packs, and pecks like barrels. Also it is not always necessary to look like that. There are plenty of famous martial artists that do not have bodybuilder type physiques and they seem to do just fine holding strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and other attributes that every good martial artist should have.

The thing is though, in order to create a physique that replicas an ancient Greek statue one has to put in the time and effort. This would probably include, plenty of training with weights, some cardiovascular workouts and concentration on ones diet by eating nothing but the correct foods. Also chances are that this training is in addition to ones martial art training.

With this focused effort to improve ones physique certain additional advantages will also be offered, such as, • Strength gains via weight training • Increased stamina and muscular endurance via cardiovascular training • Flexibility of the muscles (if the weight training is correct) • An improvement in energy and ones metabolism through a well balanced, healthy diet

As a martial artist who is looking to improve his/her fighting abilities, these advantages are not only very beneficial but in some cases necessary in order to progress.

So as you can see, it is in ones best nature to try and improve their physique in order to better their martial arts but it must always be remembered that training to improve ones physique must not turn into bodybuilding and one must always keep in mind that the weights, cardio training and a healthy diet are there to help one improve as a martial artist. So things like cutting out carbohydrates to help shed body fat, or certain isolation exercises which help make a muscle look good but do nothing for your martial arts, may be used by bodybuilders to help improve their physiques but would not be useful for martial artists.

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Alex said...

Martial art movies are made due to the martial artist in movies...this post is good as it is concentrated on martial artist. Well I found some more details and clips of various martial artist....and they were great in those films..there moves...awesome...Just watch them here

Anonymous said...

Of course, what do you think? This is a pretty dumb question if you ask me. Van Damme can't fight for shit and big muscles don't mean anything. Looking good is only important in the movies or for vain people trying to impress laymen or newbies. Real fighters don't care how they look aslong as they're efficient and they win, on the street or in the ring. You don't honestly think strength has much to do with real fighting, do you? The most deadly techniques require very little force, just speed and a basic knowledge of human anatomy.

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