Friday, 12 March 2010

Malaipet Clinch Sensitivity Drills

In grappling competitions it is not uncommon to find blind people competing. Their fights start whilst already clinching to their opponents and from there, whether it is on the ground or standing the fight continues.

The attribute which blind people use to grapple is sensitivity. Through many years of practise, they are able to feel the movements of their opponents and can defend or attack because of this.

Muay thai fighters, via many years of clinch practise also develop their sensitivity attributes to such a level where they too can clinch fight whilst wearing blindfolds. Many muay thai martial artists actually practise the clinch in their daily training without even looking at what their opponents are doing.

They are able to feel when their opponents move there arms or legs and can respond accordingly.

The following videos shows muay thai legend Malaipet showing certain attacks, counters, throws etc from the clinch. The techniques demonstrated work well if one has excellent sensitivity and timing and are great for all martial artists to practise in order to develop these very valuable attributes. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

greco roman wrestling does much of the muay thai
clinch and every thing is explained in clear english ..

now learn how to hand fight and pummel then do the stand up g-r throws..

Anonymous said...

malaipet`s video is very good however there are several other clinch video`s on utube to be viewed and studied. may i list some i remember .

aaron fisher --~~Sweep from Muay Thai Clinch - Part 1 ~~ -this is a very good short video on a leg bump into clinch throw.this is multi part ,check all of it.

~~Push Pull Theory - YouTube ~~- there are two related video lessons and they are excellent , a must to know.
VT1 Muay Thai Clinch Fundamentals - Push Pull Theory this goes with the former listed . Rhino Resnekov explains grips and throw..
~~Muay Thai Technique Clinch technique, muay thai throw 'Push &..~~
the above listed move is the same as dylon rhino`s push pull but a thai fighter does the presentation..
~~ greg nelson clinch ~~ very greco to thai clinch.
~~ eric paulson clinch~~ and mma ,his clinch explainations are great.
~~daddis clinch utube ~~ good information .
~~anderson silver`s clinch escapes, some of the best moves out .
~~alex gong clinch utube ~~ nice but limited and elementry .
this list includes only intro clinch and throws there were many specialized personal home made video`s , that i must ommit , but this is a short list .
there is overlap and repetition between lessons and moves this could be good if you missed a part with one instructor another may say and do it better for your liking ..
now go to the wrestling room and find a neck to pull on , its clinch time .

Anonymous said...


well made, good quality video standards - everything explained in perfect english .

** this i believe is the best group of clinch lessons available showing greco applied to MUAY THAI CLINCH. **
Dan Henderson Learn to Fight and Win 3-
i had much good success learning from this great video.

Randy Couture Vol 1 2- 3 - Clinch Fighting.

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