Saturday, 6 March 2010

Genki Sudo, What a Showman!

Today, we bring you the best of Genki Sudo. For those of you who have seen him fight, you will know that Genki loves to put on a show. From performing a robot dance to jumping of the ropes like a WWE entertainer, no one really knows what to expect from Genki as soon as the opening bell sounds.

Apart from a great showman, Genki is also a very talented martial artist with great Jiu Jitsu knowledge and also someone who seems to respect all forms of life. When he wins, he always shows his “We are all one” flag.

For me, the best part of the video is his showboating at the start of the UFC match at 3:50, which had me splitting my sides with laughter. He certainly has guts to start of a fight in that fashion.

What’s surprising is that none of his opponents seem to take advantage of possible attacking opportunities as he his showboating. Why this is? Who knows, maybe they are just puzzled on what to make of it.

Some may think that he is a show off and disrespectful to martial arts, however, we like Genki here at and for that reason, we show this video. Enjoy!

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