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Recipe's for Healthy Eating

Many people are looking for ways in which to develop a well shaped physique. They go to the gym, pumping the weights and do endless amounts of cardio. However if one never gets there diet correct, they are wasting there time.

The problem here though, is that many people eat dull food and quickly get bored.

Eating endless amounts of grilled dry chicken, boiled plain rice and snacks consisting of only rice cakes may make one lose weight for a while, but can quickly demoralize a person and make them head straight to there local fast food outlet the first chance they get!

In order for one to eat healthy and to keep eating healthy, one has to add variety and excitement into there food.

Below are some recipes which I have used in the past to help me get through diets, which are also pretty healthy and nutritious and taste quite nice

Oats Honey and Peanut Butter – Mix 3 tbl spoons of oats into a bowl with enough water to just cover the oats, add a tbl spoon of peanut butter. Microwave for 2 mins, then add a large thumbnail size of honey. Mix until the honey and peanut butter dissolve into the oats.

Eggs and Meat – This is best with chicken or beef. Warm up a pan then add a tbl spoon of hot oil. Chop up your palm sized portion of meat into thin slices then add to the pan. The meat should take about 2-3 mins to cook since it has been chopped. Add 2 -3 beaten eggs (depending on how much you wish to eat) and constantly stir until the eggs scramble and combine with the meat.

Tuna and Rosemary – Mix a can of tuna (which is packed in spring water, not oil) with a teaspoon of some light mayo and a few dashes of chopped rosemary. Add on top of some toasted bread slices (brown granary bread works great with this).

Prawns and Tomato Sauce – Fry off some prawns with a teaspoon of olive oil. Add a can of tomato sauce, some garlic and some chopped parsley. Cook until the sauce bubbles well. I always have this with salad or a slice or wholemeal bread.

A Healthy Breakfast – Grill your bacon (removing the fat), your reduced fat sausages or turkey sausages and halved tomato for a healthier alternative to frying. Poach your eggs, or use boiled eggs. Spread a teaspoon of olive oil on your toast instead of butter (plus some oregano for a great flavour), and drink freshly squeezed orange juice. This is a much healthier way to have a breakfast which in many eyes is seen as an artery blocker.

Banana Smoothie – In a blender add some skimmed milk, a banana and some protein powder. Blend until smooth and creamy.

Fruity Desert – Mix some protein powder (I use strawberry flavor for this) with a small amount of water so it forms into a paste like consistency. Add some blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Leave to cool in the fridge for about half an hour. Enjoy it as a late night snack about an hour before bed.

Who said that eating healthy was meant to be boring and bland? Eating healthy can still mean having some great tasting food. The above are simply my own recipes which I have used to make food go down a bit better. There are hundreds of recipes which people use in order to make healthy food taste great. Research them and use them. There is no point eating bland food, when it can be made to taste much better without adding the calories.

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