Monday, 22 February 2010

The Jab in MMA

The first technique any boxer will be shown is the jab. The jab is considered the foundations of a successful fighter. Many of the greats from the long history of boxing have developed the jab and used it to such effect that they have actually credited it for boosting them to the ranks of the best of the best.

Unfortunately in an MMA dominated world when it comes to combat sports, the jab is sadly very much underused. It has so many advantages and so many reasons for a fighter to use it. Yes, MMA is different to boxing, holding much more techniques for one to employ, but the jab should still be up there as one of the most effective.

The following are considerations and advantages when concerned with this basic but very unique technique. Hopefully they may change your mind if you feel that it should not be used as much as in boxing.

It is not used to knockout – The jabs aim is not to knockout your opponent. Although fighters have been hurt badly and some even knocked out with the jab, it has other benefits which are probably more important when jabbing.

Aim at delicate targets – When jabbing to the face, because the jab will rarely knock your opponent out, aim it towards delicate targets such as the eye area, the nose, the upper lip etc. Getting hit at these areas, will not stop one from fighting, but will cause irritation, and discomfort to your opponent.

Jab and close the distance – By jabbing as you move in, firstly you can camouflage your movement and secondly you can move in whilst keeping your opponent on the defensive. This will help when trying to clinch or shoot at your opponent.

Follow up techniques flow from it – Cross punches, hooks, kicks and shoots can be quickly seen by a trained fighter and defended easily. By jabbing before throwing these techniques one has a much better chance of “hiding” them and being successful.

Low and high – Fighters mainly aim the jab towards there opponents face, however it should also be practiced and used towards the midsection.(The picture shows that even a larger fighter can jab to the body)

Frustrate your opponent with it – Nothing is more frustrating when you attempt a technique and your opponent stops you in your tracks with a fast jab. This frustration will eventually bring sloppiness, hence mistakes. Find out how else you can frustrate your opponent with it.

More than once – Because the jab is so fast, it can be thrown more than once in combination. This is a great way to move away from corners when combining it with footwork. (any Muhammad Ali fight will show this!)

The jab is such a useful tool a fighter can employ and by dismissing it simply because it may not provide one with a knockout is a crying shame. The advantages the jab can provide easily out way the disadvantages and a fighter will be wise to develop it thoroughly.

For the best utilisation of the jab in MMA, watch GSP vs Josh Koscheck from UFC 124 (here)

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SenseiMattKlein said...

Have always loved the jab. It keeps your opponent away and sets them up for more powerful strikes or kicks. Your points are well made regarding using it to close the distance and using it more than once. You very rarely miss with the second one! Great post.

Anonymous said...

It's a very effective tool and is underutilized in mma. The thing is, the gloves are smaller and stiffer making it possible to do some damage with a jab.

A jab can actually have power and even hurt people but you must develop it. A good way is to catch people coming in (Duffee/Hague, Silva/Griffin, GSP/Alves). No one seems to respect it in mma but a good jab can really make a difference

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