Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Fence for Self Defence

The fence is one of the best self defence tools one can use as soon as they see a potential situation developing with an attacker.

A while back, we posted an article dedicated to this special technique (here) which all should get used to practising and using when learning self defence.

Below is a great video which gives a good demonstration of different variations of the fence and an explanation of the value of it. Enjoy!

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KarateStudent said...

KarateStudent (KS) on the "FENCE" in Traditional 'Hard-Style' Karates.

KS, in my original comment to MARKS' June 2009 Post, "Lyoto Machida's Style," KS gave a lengthly commentary on traditional 'Hard-Style' karate training [in my case, Tang Soo Do (TSD)], what's involved and what it offers the marital artist. The discussion centered on the basic level of karate training.

One of KS's themes was the 'hidden' sophistication presented in 'hard-style' karate training, even at the basic level. As MARKS as pointed out in his several of his recent posts this year [2010] on Karate Training ("Basic; Advanced Martial Art Training, The Black-Belt, What Next?;" as the practitioner reaches higher levels of skill, fundamental techniques begin to take on an 'advanced' effect. KS believes this is one of the most underappreciated and overlooked results of traditional karate training done properly (Key Word: PROPERLY).

For those who care to read KS's comment reference above [PART 4: "Kihon Karate vs. the Boxer Saga"], you will see, that unlike the TSD Red-Belt who took the boxer's guard & pose, KS describes he used TSD's traditional fighting stance & (guard).

Although in that particular sparring match KS used a closed fist as he was taught as a begginer, MARKS in his January 4, 2010 Post, "The Open Hand Guard," shows how a variation of the traditional TSD guard can be done with the hand open. The traditional guard that KS was taught holds the rear, lower arm & hand somewhat lower than that pictured in the January 4 Post.

MARKS, once again you have set forth an excellent demonstration on how seemingly formalized basic karate technique can be readily transformed into real practicality in any real-life situation, including sparring. I think the author of the video does an oustanding job at explaining application and workable stratey.

An very, very important point made in the video is that the placement of the rear, lower arm acts to engage and defend attacks to and coming from the lower zones of the body. Although boxer-applied fighter types adopt the 'boxer's guard' with arms & hands held up protecting the head, traditional 'Hard-Style' karate does not do this, instead using the "fence-like" posture. The video author makes several good points on why for general fighting (not boxing per se), the traditional karates use of the "fence" is better.

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