Friday, 12 February 2010

Adult Karate Program

The title for this article is a search phrase which many people enter into search engines. Adults, with no prior martial arts training wish to learn self defence and most of the time, karate is the first martial art to pop into there heads.

The fact is, whether it is karate, judo, muay thai or any other art, one has to understand that learning self defence is not simply a case of attending a few classes, being taught a handful of self defence techniques and hey presto, you are now an expert able to fight crime.

Proper self defence training is so much more. There are many issues which need to be addressed if one is to learn self defence and before you start a program called Adult Karate Program, Self Defence Tuition or Learn to Survive on the Streets, find out if they address are following areas.

Initial Skills – These initial skills include awareness, reasoning, concentration, cunningness, tactics plus much more. A self defence program being taught should address all of these areas as obtaining basic knowledge in them is vital in being able to predict, avoid and even stop a situation ever becoming physical.

Resistance training – At the start, when learning techniques, you must practise on a partner who does not resist. However, when a handful of techniques are learnt, you must practise on a partner who resists. This will not only provide you with realistic self defence training, but will force you to learn how to adapt and flow to other techniques when the one you are trying fails. This is vital to learn.

Weapons training – Most thugs, muggers and some innocent civilians now carry weapons. It is a fact, and without training in not only how to defend against weapon attacks, but how to use them to your advantage, you may be wasting your time.

Multiple attackers – Gone are the days, when two gentleman fight empty handily with there friends circling them never daring to get involved. Attackers have no shame and will have no quarrels in ganging up against two or even one person. You have to learn to deal with this.

Multiple ranges of combat – If a self defence program teaches just one area of fighting, (punches, ground fighting, clinch fighting, kicks) stay away from it. A proper self defence program should address every area of fighting, the worst situations to be in during a fight (in the middle of a pack, on the ground) and how to get out of these bad situations as quickly as possible.
It takes time – If a program claims to turn you into a self defence expert within a few weeks, STAY AWAY! Learning self defence takes a long time and patience.

One can not simply attend a few martial art classes, learn how to spar against one person and think they can survive on the streets. Proper, thoughtful training is necessary.

The best thing to do if you are an adult with other commitments in your life but really want to learn to be able to defend yourself is to find some spare time to stat training regularly in a martial art which offers proper self defence training, tackling the issues stated in this article rather than one which simply shows basic techniques without proper real life scenario training. Yes, learning how to defend yourself takes time and commitment, but simply ask yourself, how important is it to learn in the world we live in today?

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