Friday, 8 January 2010

Legalise MMA in New York?

When MMA first appeared, people thought it was barbaric and brutal, and quite frankly, it was! There where no rules, teeth flew all over the place, fighters continually hit unconscious opponents because the refs didn’t step in soon enough and blood would flow like a running tap.

However, all one has to do is watch UFC 1 and current MMA fights and one will instantly notice that rules and regulations are enforced so as to keep fighters away from real danger.

Las Vegas is probably the home of MMA in America. Most UFC events are held there and they are real crowd pleasers, however other cities do not feel the same way, especially New York. The following are videos by Ecko Unlimited directed by Bobby Razak and are intended to show MMA’s many great advantages it can offer and argue, that it should be allowed in New York.

Should MMA be legalized in New York and other cities of the world? Check out these videos and leave your comments below.

In case you have problems loading the videos, they can be seen here also

Part 1

Part 2

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