Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bad Behaviour in Combat Sports

Todays post is a follow up to one found at Wims blog (here), regarding very unsportsmanlike like attitudes towards combat sports.

Fighters bending the rules slightly happens and within reason should not been seen as something terrible. However sometimes there are a few who go completely crazy and portray some disgraceful behavior. The following videos show such disgraceful displays.

In this video there is clearly no care taken when applying the arm lock, plus after seriously injuring his opponent, he removes his gi and starts shouting like a mad man.

A K1 fight between Musashi v Montanha Silva. Silva should be ashamed of himself. If he wants to fight MMA then he should go do it, not disgrace one of the best striking organizations ever.

Here is a compilation of some of the most dirtiest boxing moments. What is going on 22 seconds in to the video!

And it is not only the fighters who should hold the respect of there opponent but also the refs! Also check out the fighter the ref does not throw. He quickly goes to strike his downed opponent getting in a few cheap shots of his own.

Any combat sport that has rules and regulations will have people watching. Because of this the fighters (and the refs) have a duty to portray there sport in the most professional manner by keeping to the rules and regulations. Behavior such as that seen in these videos is disgraceful, and people acting in such a way should be dealt with accordingly.

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