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Running Training

Every great martial artist or boxing star in the past has one exercise which binds them all and which can be said to be the “bread and butter” or there preparation. Running. Running has been used since man discovered he had legs and fighters, whose goal is to build a winning attitude with a well prepared body have used running for these reasons.

From a physical point of view, running is one the best ways to condition the muscles in order for them to be able to last long heavy bouts of intensity. Also, running is one of the best cardio exercises to build stamina. Every fighter needs a certain amount of stamina, especially if there goal is to compete in competitions/fights and for this reason, running must be incorporated.

There are some that think running is limited because it only uses up a few of the muscles of the body. However, with slight variations to ones running it can be made to be an overall body workout. A few of the many variations to include,

Interval Training – Shorts bouts of slow jogging with heavy sprinting, performed repetitively.

Different Directions – Run sideways (both sides) and backwards to use different muscles.

Combined Calisthenics – After a period of running (say 2 min) stop, and perform a number of press ups or crunches or back raises etc.

Ball of the Foot – instead of landing on the heels first, try to land on the balls of the foot for a great calf workout.

Running and Shadowboxing – Try and do both at the same time to work balance and for a more whole body workout.

There are more variations but these are a few which can be incorporated to make running that little extra demanding physically.

But running also develops ones mental attitude, not only for martial arts but for life itself in some peoples opinion. Running a long distance route or getting up early in morning to get it done can be very daunting for some people, and it is very easy for one to develop negative thoughts and the thought of giving up can easily creep up in someone’s mind. However, by blocking out these negative thoughts and trying to force a positive attitude of success, eventually, this may lead to other areas of ones life which is of great benefit to all.

Running is an all round excellent and one of the best supplemental exercise’s a martial artist or anyone can undertake. It should not be dismissed because of some “negative press” that one may have heard, for the positive results it can bring are more than worth it.

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