Monday, 14 December 2009

Higher Judo Groundwork, A Great Book

Today, offers you a look at one of the best ever written Judo Newaza books. Printed in 1952, written by M Feldenkrais and with a preface by G Koizumi, founder of the famous Budokwai Martial arts Academy in London, this book deals with some of the more advanced ground fighting techniques, which are rarely if ever used in today’s Judo dojo’s.

Whilst looking at the book, its content may seem very similar to modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu books as it includes a variety of sweeps from the guard as well as other positions, many variations of arm locks and chokes but also a good helping of leg locks, something that is banned in modern day Judo.

For the modern day Judoka, old texts like this are great since they should hopefully help to reinforce the necessity for Judoka to include just as much thoughtful study towards ground grappling as they do with there standing techniques.

Ground fighting is a part of combat that can never be ignored by any martial artist, especially Judoka and if you are one who thinks that you have not been giving as much attention to it as you have your standing work, then please, check out this book below, read it thoroughly and try to practice its contents during your mat time at training.

Higher Judo Ground Work
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