Friday, 18 December 2009

Fedor vs Mousasi Exhibition

Today’s video is another exhibition fight showing Fedor Emilianenko vs Gegard Mousasi.

Having already shown the exhibition fight ofFedor vs Voronov, which proved to be a great see here at, it is fitting that Fedor and Mousasi’s exhibition fight be also shown.

Most of you are aware that Fedor comes from a great Sambo background which includes Judo throws and that he is very talented with them (especially with Harai Goshi), but some of you may find it interesting to learn that Mousasi also has extensive training in Judo and he also exhibits this many times during the video, taking Fedor down on a number of occasions.

Whilst on the ground, both fighters show skill and finesse escaping submissions, performing sweeps and reversals and also seem to be having a good time.

At the end of the exhibition, both men show sportsmanship and respect for one another, the sign of being great martial artists as well as gentlemen. Enjoy!

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KarateStudent said...

KarateStudent ("KS") Asks: Why Not More JUDO in

The techniques shown here look both safe and effective.

Any commentor(s) out there who have a view on why Judo is not seen more in MMA? Is this a function of the backgrounds of the fighters, trainers?

MARKS said...

I think Judo throws are not used much in mma becuase simply, fighters do not train them, hence do not feel comfortable performing them, apart from a few people like Fedor, Mousasi and a others. But, slowly, Judo type throws are becoming more frequent among MMA fighters.

Judo groundwork is used though, a lot, however, becuase of good marketing, many people think that most groundwork techniques are unique only to BJJ, without knoweldge that they are also parts of other martial arts like Judo, Catch wrestling, Sambo and others.

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