Sunday, 20 December 2009

Best of 2009!

Well, another year is nearly gone and the festive season is here again.

We shall not be posting any new articles here at until January, but have compiled a list of the best articles and video posts of 2009 below for you to check out, comment on and hopefully keep you entertained until we return.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all who have subscribed to us, to all who visit us and to all who recommend us to there friends via Facebook, Twitter and other methods.

May you all have a wonderful break and come back refreshed in 2010!

Weight Training Mistakes for Martial Artists
Martial Arts and the Deadlift
Ground Grappling Basic Pointers
MMA and Street Combat
Muay Thai Clinch - What NOT to do
Stepping into Kicks
Dirty Clinch Fighting
Kevin Rooney on Mike Tyson
Power Punching, Top 5 Methods

Video Posts
Ernesto Hoost Highlights
Roy Dean Martial Arts
Kyle Maynard, a True Fighter
Paul Vunaks Ear Slap for Self Defence
Karate Competition Foot Sweeps
Muay Thai - Elbow Strike
Larry Hartsell
Parkour and Martial Arts

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Martial Development said...

Is this one your blog too, or are they just borrowing your posts?

MARKS said...

MARTIALDEVELOPMENT - Thanks for pointing this to my attention. No, it is not one of my sites, they are just "borrowing" my articles.

KarateStudent said...

KarateStudent ("KS") on Traditional Karate Education vs. MARKS TRAINING.

KS is a Tang Soo Do practitioner. I was talking to a red-belt level young man the other day who had progessed very well in his traditional, in-class and belt promotion training.

The issue he voiced with me was that he was having trouble ramping up his competition skills, his sparring ability.

KS's observation is that the convention in many karate schools is to present the curriculum, then it's up to the student to 'figure it out' with trial and error.

Accordingly, some students seem to get stuck, repeating the in-class training exercises. MARKS has commented on his trial & error type experiences, certainly with his sparring.

MARKS TRAINING gives the student an outside the classroom resource to explore and better understand martial arts. KS thinks it imperative that students like mentioned above, not get in the rut of 'ritualistic' training.

Having talked to the red-belt student mentioned above, I believe he has great potential. When faced with a 'wall' of non-progress, the right thing to do is to dig deeper into the training. MARK TRAINING is a great way to do this.

It takes a lot of work and knowledge to put up a site like MARKS. Karate students should USE IT.

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