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Muay Thai Front Leg Bounce

Most martial arts have something that they only do. Something that is unique solely to them. If any one knows about Muay Thai then one will know that Thai fighters during sparring or fighting will adopt a strategy regarding there stance that is rarely seen outside of Muay Thai gyms.

As they are squared off with there opponent, they stand in there fighting stance but place most of there weight on there back leg and then calmly lift there front foot up and down, similar to doing a short calf raise, acting like an antenna, feeling the opponents movements and ready to attack or defend when necessary.

The foot does not come up off the floor much, just enough for the ball of the foot to be slightly still touching the floor, but is kept relaxed and waiting to explode.

This is something, as said above, unique to Thai fighters, and even then, most western Thai fighters don’t employ the technique but always adopt a more kickboxing style stance. Karate fighters have what is called a cat stance (neko ashi dachi) which is similar, offering many of the same advantages, but is rarely used in actual combat. Thai fighters have mastered this technique and have benefited from the advantages it offers. However, whenever there are advantages, most of the time there are always disadvantages.

Allows for quick teeps – The teep is a front kick action used either to strike or as a stop hit defence. It must be fast. By performing this leg action when in a stance, a Muay Thai fighter can quickly execute the front leg teep when needed.

Allows for quick shin blocks – Leg kicks are staple techniques of Muay Thai and because of this, so is shin blocking. Just like the teep the shin block must be executed fast so as to defend in time. By having the front leg poised and ready to react one can carry this out.

Is used to distract an opponents thoughts – By constantly moving up and down the front leg, an opponent can easily become distracted by this. During this period of distraction, the opponent may forget about all other limbs and could fall prey to punches or kicks with the back leg.

It can leave one thinking only about front leg attacks – By moving only the front leg, it can sometimes become easy to think about using only that limb and to ignore others.

Can be easily taken down – By keeping the front leg loose and ready, this means that most of the weight is placed on the back leg and if a hard sweep or kick to the back leg is taken one may easily be taken down.

Can restrict movement – Another bad point of having most of the weight on the back leg is that movement can be heavily restricted. A lot of Thai fighters prefer to actually take shots rather than move away from them, but there is only so much of this one can take.

So as you can see, there are good and bad points to the Muay Thai fighting stance strategy. It should definitely be practised by all as the advantages it possesses can be more than useful for ones fighting style, however, one must always be aware of its disadvantages.

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im confused on which fighting stance to adopt to? ive tried both stance and both have an advantage

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