Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Back Roundhouse Kick

The back roundhouse kick is risky. There is no doubt about it. Turning you back to strike with the foot requires accuracy, hence lots of training and even then the chances of a full on, perfect strike are small.

Having said this, the back roundhouse kick can be one of the most pleasing techniques to watch. Also if it lands it can be devastating, and can easily cause a knockout.

So if you are one of the people who think that it would be worth adding to your fighting arsenal, here are a few points to consider when practising the technique.

Don’t turn your head too early - Your head should be the last body part that turns and more importantly, your eyes should be focused on your target. This will allow you to take your eyes away from the target for no more than a split second.

Your eyes should see your target first – The above point takes us to the next point that your eyes should see your target before your foot strikes the target. This will allow for a better chance of striking the target with enough accuracy as possible.

The kicking leg must be controlled – A trend with this technique is to swing the kicking leg as fast as possible so as to strike harder. Although this can be effective, it is safer to keep control of the keeping leg so as it does not take one off balance.

Use the heel – This is a power strike so make sure you use the most powerful part of the foot to strike, the heel.

Keep you hands up and in front
– Because there is a chance that the strike will miss and go out of control, always keep your hands up and in front of you so as to protect against any incoming blows.

As mentioned, this is a risky technique. It does have a place in martial arts as it can be devastating, but always remember to use it with caution and sparingly, just as with all others.

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Neal Martin said...

This kick has always been a favourite of mine. It's difficult to get the timing right with it in sparring but when you do it can be very effective. Aiming for your opponents midsection just as they are about to step forward and attack is a good tactic, but again, takes timing.

Anonymous said...

Back roundhouse?

do you mean a spinning hook?

MARKS said...

Yes, that is another name for the technique. Also there is spinning/turning heel kick, helicopter kick and probably more which i have not heard of.

Anonymous said...

gotchya. I know the direct translation of ushiro mawashi geri is back round kick. just wanted to clarify.

thanks for the write up. i'm really enjoying your articles. just stumbled upon your blog about a week ago.


another goody is a hook kick off the front leg. telegraph it like a front kick then hook it...and WHACK

or hook off the rear power leg. telegraph like a mawashi geri...really sell it...then hook it and WHACK

so you don't always have to turn your back to throw a hook.

regarding the spinning hook though, i've trained the way you laid it out.

1) eyes on target
2) fists move first. essentially you bring your arms over the top leading with elbow to block any attack by the aggressor to your head
3) snap head around
4) following your head you snap the hook

MARKS said...

JOHN - Many thanks for your visits. Dont forget to subscribe to us at the

Anonymous said...

I have used this technique,i had no trainer so i had to try and keep training myself,iv studied,mauy thai,dim mak and latest of tae kwon do,and i dnt stay with just one,i freestyle,and using this kick,i find it easy to use and i have used it many times in a fight,iv devastated peoples jaws,necks and knocked them out with it,once i got the hang of it it was a simple kick,thanks! Jesse *Tha Rocket* Coleman

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