Friday, 23 October 2009

Rolling Knee Bar from the Ankle Pick

Today’s video is a sweet transition from a failed ankle pick into a rolling knee bar. The knee bar is one of my favourite submissions and almost always, when I find myself under my opponent’s chest, it is the first technique I check to see if it is available.

By the opponent pulling his ankle back in order to defend the takedown he leaves himself wide open for the rolling knee bar and with a quick hip rotation in order to gain the correct position for it, it is one of the best takedown/submissions from this position. Obviously, other initial techniques other than an ankle pick can be used to draw your opponent into making the pull back with his ankle, such as ko ouchi gari, however by using a low ankle pick you put yourself in a better position to transition into the rolling knee bar.

People have commented weather this technique would work without the use of the belt /gi to hold. Although it may be harder to pull off, over hooking near the top of the arm close to the shoulder or holding around the head, (e.g. from the clinch) could allow for possible no gi alternatives.

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