Wednesday, 21 October 2009

REPOST: Street Fighting and MMA Style Fighting

This article was written over two years ago. It created quite a bit of a debate with some visitors to this site (you can check out the original comments here). I may have put the point across that MMA training is useless for street fighting, which was not the intention. MMA training is very effective for street fighting, however I do feel that in order for an MMA fighter to become a more competent street fighter he/she will have to slightly tweak there training a little.

Now two years on I would like to see what peoples views on the subject are.

Over the last few years we have seen UFC, Pride and others bring out the most advanced fighters the world has ever seen. They are able to punch, kick, grapple, ground fight and submit. Also the level of fitness they attain for each fight makes them some of most well conditioned athletes alive. Does this mean that they are also great street fighters?

Firstly let me point out that when i say MMA fighter for this topic i am referring to MMA sport fighters who train under rules and regulations. And this is just what i mean. RULES AND REGULATIONS. In a street fight there is no ref, so no one will stop you gouging eyes and pulling inside of cheeks, (fish hooking) if there are weapons around (sticks, bottles, walls to be thrown into) you wont get disqualified by using them to your advantage, and most importantly IN TODAY'S DAY AND AGE YOU DON'T FIGHT JUST ONE PERSON.

This is the most important point. If your rolling around on the floor looking for a submission or clinched up trying to deliver knees and elbows his/her friend will probably creep behind you and do all sorts of damage. You have to be able to finish one guy off quickly so you can either worry about the next or run like hell!

Now don't get me wrong, i love watching and training MMA and a lot of techniques they use are very practical and useful, but you must realise that street fighting is a completely different thing. Theres loads of good books that give more information on this and the best techniques to use and avoid in a street fight so i wont bore you with them. All I'm saying is sometimes when training, think what would be the best strategy if your were out on the streets with no RULES!!!

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Matt "Ikigai" said...

I think reality checks like this are important for people of all styles. MMA, karate, jujutsu. etc/ You have to assess your skill set and the environments you might find yourself in.

TheMartialArtsReporter said...

Thanks for the great post.
Matt "Ikigai" is right about reality checks.
In my humble opinion, MMA fighters do have a very important advantage.
With real physical contact and the psychological factor of fear having been experienced and therefore in many cases shock might not set in as with other combat inexperienced martial artists.
Sorry for the long sentence.
Hope it makes some sense.

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