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Karate's Grappling Methods Book

With the boom of the UFC and now Lyoto Machida, a lot of karate ka are trying to learn grappling techniques so as to be able to fight in MMA. While this is a good thing, some do not go about the correct way of doing it.

The priority of all at this stage is for them to enrol in a grappling school so as to learn from a proper qualified professional, the correct way. However, should they totally abandon there karate? No, they should not, they should still keep training it hard as they will eventually find, that karate and grappling can go hand in hand.

One of the best books that demonstrate this and one which all should think about purchasing is Karate’s Grappling Methods, by Iain Abernethy.

It is all about grappling techniques, and how kata bunkai incorporate them. Buy reading this book and training at an actual grappling school, there karate shall also improve, there kata will become much more alive as they shall start to see applicable bunkai for themselves and there fighting as a whole will be much more complete.

Here is a few other reasons for purchasing the book,

It is one of the best books to give grappling applications to kata techniques -With sometimes slight adjustments to how the techniques are actually performed in the kata, the bunkai shown are all good grappling techniques that can be practised and drilled in class time.

Each grappling phase is broken down – There are whole chapters devoted to all the different phases of grappling, included, arm bars, leg and ankle locks, finger locks, fighting dirty, throws and much more. What Abernethy also does, is show examples of all of these phases in katas.

Shows positions – Most of the time, when karate ka who are new to grappling start, they are eager to learn submissions only. While this is a big part of grappling, the other big part of it is positioning. Positions always come before submissions and the book demonstrates the basic positions in detail.

Gives sparring examples – The book gives great sparring examples of how to practise grappling, and how to slowly incorporate strikes in order to make, for an overall effective form of fighting.

Along with training at a grappling school the book is a great start for karate ka wanting to learn the basics of grappling and it should be on the bookshelf of all.

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TheMartialArtsReporter said...

I appreciated your post.
Years ago, while really into Shotokan Karate,
I ventured out and added Judo to my arsenal.
Picked up a couple of useful techniques that
we certainly didn't look into while doing
"just" karate.
I think it helped me become a better karateka
at the time and it definitely improved my
self-defense understanding.
Thanks for the book recommendation.

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