Friday, 16 October 2009

How to Fight?

No introduction to this video. Please leave your comments below on weather you agree or disagree. This should be interesting.

Is fighting a 90% mental situation rather than a physical one? Let people know what YOU think by adding your comments below.

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Elias said...

While he's absolutely right about a large amount of fighting being purely mental, I don't really like what he focuses on, which is just breathing.

While it is important to remain collected, it is also important to use the adrenaline dump, and more importantly, it is necessary to just do something (which is what I worry about, will I freeze, or not?).

In addition to this, the aspects that I think are completely mental, as far as fighting are concerned, are technique, and awareness.

Awareness - A fight you can avoid is one you've won. If you remove the element of surprise from an attack, you vastly improve your chances of walking away from the fight.

Technique - Exists for a reason. Good technique, for striking, is crucial for guarding yourself well, generating power efficiently, utilising that power efficiently, keeping your balance and more (that I can't think of at the moment). This comes with understanding the techniques, and this happens well before the fight even happens.

That being said, someone with little technique, who does not remain calm (and also happens to not freeze), but is physically superior to the point that it is extremely difficult to even hurt them will win fights. But, that is likely to be something like 25% of the deciding factors, and is not the only thing to consider.

Anyway that's my two cents worth :) Hope it makes sense

bb said...

I believe that I agree with him. Most of your technique is going to be "muscle memory" ( in an actual street situation. Which is why we (martial artists) train so much. It is really going to be up to your mind if you can maintain your calm and demeanor...which also comes from your training.

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