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How to Fatigue your Opponent

“People are irritable when they are fatigued”. This is one of the strategies written in Sun Tzu’s “People are irritable when they are fatigued”. This is one of the strategies written in Sun Tzu’s Art of War (a series on this book is coming soon by the way). When a fighter is tired they get irritated which leads to mistakes, sloppiness and flaws in there fighting system. This is when the patient, strategic fighter knows that it is one of the best times to capitalize.

Below are a few ways in which one can fatigue there opponent,

Keep them on there toes – Moving in and out, always keeping out of range until its time to strike is one of Lyoto Machida’s strategies in his style of fighting. He is an undefeated MMA fighter with 15 wins under his belt as well as the UFC light Heavyweight Champion. This strategy which he uses keeps his opponents on there toes, which fatigues them and makes them very irritable which usually leads to mistakes on which Lyoto, has many times countered on.

Use hard kicks – A lot of people throw kicks without the intent on making them hurt there opponents. This is ok when concerned with feints or set ups but if your kick is an actual true strike, make sure that it is hard. Hard kicks, especially to the legs quickly wear down opponents. Marco Ruas vs Paul Varelans is one of the best examples of this. Ruas’s hard kicks quickly tired out his opponent in which he started to drop his guard, make mistakes and was doomed.

Clinch non clinch fighters – If someone does not know the first thing about the clinch, make sure, that you always aim to get them in it. Usually people who are not familiar with the clinch expend lots of energy trying to get out of it. It is a great way to quickly and easily fatigue an opponent.

On the ground, always try to be on top – A lot of people when ground fighting prefer to fight from the guard position. This is ok as submissions are far and wide from here, but in order to fatigue your opponent it is always best to be on top. Side control, scarf hold and the mount allow for short sharp strikes which wear down your opponent and also force HIM to try and get out from underneath as it looks bad with points. Because of this he will expend more energy and will tire quicker, possibly leaving way for a quick submission or harder strikes.

Build your cardio – This is not so much a way on how to wear down your opponent, but how to make sure that he tires first. By building your cardiovascular system to the maximum hopefully it will be your opponent that tires first.

By fighting a fatigued irritable opponent one will quickly start to see openings, and chances to win the fight. Study these and other ways which you can figure out for yourself, if you simply do a little research through slow controlled sparring. It is always the brains that make the best fighter, never the bulging biceps, something we could all do with remembering at times.

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