Friday, 2 October 2009

BJJ Drills for Smoother Grappling

Today’s video is to do with grappling drills. Although the video is entitled BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) most of the drills can be applied or slightly adapted to all forms of grappling including no gi.

Drills are what carve out fighters rough edges so as there grappling “game” can run as smooth as possible. Without practising them regularly one can easily develop bad habits, become sloppy and try to use too much strength when good technique is all that is needed.

The idea of performing drills is so one can not only understand the movements and body positioning of certain techniques but so one can gauge there progression and iron out any sloppiness that may appear. For this reason it is best to perform drills at a slower pace than one would use when sparring. Speed should be worked, but should only constitute about 10% of your drill time.Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. I've noticed that when I get into the later rounds of rolling, my core muscles were getting so fatigued that it was almost impossible for me to stop guys from passing into side control. I've been wasting money on these ab belts (i linked it so you can see how ridiculous they are), and although i feel like my abs are stronger, their conditioning is just as bad and after a few rounds of heavy rolling it's still open season for everyone to pass my guard. I've doing these ones for about a week, and idk if it's mental, but it seems like they're helping with the endurance aspect of my game.

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