Friday, 25 September 2009

Tani Otoshi

Today’s video is one demonstrating one of my most used takedowns in grappling, Tani Otoshi. I would not say it is one of my favourite techniques but it does get me out of trouble many times when caught in hip throws and is well worth fighters practising it if not already. For the street, it is not really advised to perform such a technique unless one really has to but for competition it is great.

It is demonstrated here as a counter, as an attack and as part of a combination and what is good about he demonstration is that after each takedown the person performing locks up his opponent in a hold down, which from here one can move towards gaining some kind of submission.

The hold down which is shown mostly here is kesa gatame (scarf hold) however I have always felt comfortable and more natural performing tate shiho gatame (mount) instead as I feel that after performing the takedown the body automatically naturally rolls into it. Each to his own though and as long as the takedown is tight and the hold down is tighter it works.

What is important to remember though, just as with every other throw and takedown, your opponent has to be off balance before performing the technique. Many people simply hold there opponent and drop to the floor hoping to drag them down also. Although this sometimes may work it will use up much more energy than performing it the proper way and is simply, plain bad technique!

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