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Roy Dean: BJJ Purple Belt Requirements DVD

“The rank of purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the gateway to the advanced game.”

It is clear that Sensei Roy Dean wants his purple belts to not only learn the actual techniques of BJJ, (as a blue belt) but to actually start thinking about the principles of them and how each and every student can vary them according to the type of situation they find themselves in.

Gaining a purple belt from Roy Dean is proof that one has learnt the skills and techniques needed for blue belt level, and has used them to open up the door which leads to a more advanced and self reliant approach. In this two disc compilation, Sensei Roy not only demonstrates the techniques and requirements of purple belt but also tries to start making his students start learning how to combine and flow, two elements of the art that truly make it unique to others.

Disc 1
Sensei Roy gives a brief description using examples of what a purple belt is and what a purple belt should be able to do. By doing this he helps not only members of his dojo who are looking towards taking there purple belt grading, but all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ka in general, understand what is needed to be a successful purple belt and how one should be developing from when blue belt.

The positions of BJJ and grappling in general are probably more important than the actual submissions to some extent. Sensei Roy understands this completely and in doing so, he spends time (but not too long to bore) on explaining these, the aims of each one and illustrates the most dominant submissions and combinations from each position.

Progression when passing the guard was a chapter that Sensei Roy did an excellent job with. Not seen on many other instructional DVD’s, Sensei Roy explains how to progress when things do not go according to plan. How to not panic, lose positioning, ending up back where one started, but how to progress and change ones strategy to make the pass effective. This is just another way which Sensei Roy demonstrates that a purple belt needs to start thinking about the art on his own and how to use there sensei’s teachings in a way which is specific for them to advance.

What makes the demonstrations of techniques more appealing on this disc is the fact that Sensei Roy shows short video clips of them being used effectively in actual live sparring/grappling matches. Many times, techniques are demonstrated that have not actually been tried or tested during real situations. Sensei Roy on the other hand backs up his teachings by showing the practical applications of them.

Disc 2
The second DVD is more like a treat for the viewer. It is full of seminars, (including one in the Middle East) sparring sessions and other footage of Sensei Roy and his students. Although there is a lot of footage of Sensei Roy on the Internet, the materiel contained here is unique to the DVD and is a sight to see. Sensei Roy proves that BJJ and grappling in general is not an art of brute strength and that timing, good technique and patience is the best way to be successful.

So should people studying BJJ be interested in this DVD? Yes, along with every other martial artist who has a good basic level of grappling and who wants to develop themselves to become better. Coupled with fantastic backing music tracks which helps one to become entranced in the flowing, graceful and sheer dominating techniques and movements of BJJ, this DVD is a must for all!


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