Friday, 18 September 2009

Jay Hieron's MMA Conditioning Workout

MMA fighters train differently to bodybuilders or high endurance athletes. There goal is to be explosive, strong, fast, well balanced and well coordinated. Because of this there workouts must also be tailored for there specific goals. Although most incorporate old school training methods such as weights and running, they also incorporate high intensity, multi muscle workouts such as the one shown in today’s video by MMA fighter Jay Hieron.

The first part of the video is all about core strength. Exercises with the ball are great. Jay uses it to perform not just crunches but a great variation to the plank. The roller is also great for building strength in the core. Core strength is one of the top priorities for all fighters and Jay spends good quality time on developing it.

The second part is about explosiveness and all over body strength. If you notice, this type of workout is not geared to building single muscles during each movement (like bicep curls) but each movement uses up many muscles at once which not only is great for cardiovascular conditioning but is much more geared towards martial arts where one is constantly using up many muscles through striking and grappling.

The final part of the workout is where a partner is used to provide resistance and unbalancing. The moves which Jay performs are explosive ones via the repetition of typical martial art techniques such as clinching, shooting in on an opponent etc.

The exercises demonstrated do not need much practise in order to learn and all martial artists could benefit from adding some of them into there training.

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Wim Demeere said...

Excellent video, great find! He does a real good job keeping his movements clean and controlled. Most people become sloppy when they get tired. Cool!


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