Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Clinch Fighting, Knee to the Thigh

The clinch is knee territory. It is a range of fighting where Muay Thai fighters are feared the most for this reason. Normally people think of crushing knee strikes to the ribs or hard blows to the face, but knee strikes can also be thrown towards the thigh and with great results.

Obviously with all techniques, there are little pointers that make the knee to the thigh from the clinch that little more effective. Below are a few of these pointers.

Aim for the teardrop – The teardrop muscle is located on the inner part of the thigh about 3-4 inches above the knee. Obviously any part of the thigh will hurt when struck with a knee strike but here, the pain is felt the most.

Pull your opponent down – Although you are kneeing low towards the thigh, remember to still pull your opponents head down and in as you strike. This will make it harder for him/her to defend the knee strikes and may open up space and opportunities for knees towards the body or face.

Keep throws and takedowns in mind – By kneeing towards the thigh, if successful, you should also take your opponent off balance slightly. If this happens it should be easy for you to take them down using a throw or a takedown. If your aim is to get your opponent down for some ground and pound, then these opportunities should not be missed.

The knee to the thigh from the clinch should be practised during each clinch, especially when you are locked close to your opponent without any room to strike any higher. Use it wisely and with full power each time, rather than as a simple tap, which is how many people use it. If you do this your clinch range fighting shall be feared that little more by your opponents.


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John W. Zimmer said...

I don't have a lot of experence in Muay Thai clinch fighting but see the value of the knees to the thigh. Good info!

MARKS said...

JOHN - I hope you dont think that becuase you dont practise Muay Thai you can not practise the clinch do you.lol

Seriously, the clinch, should be practised by all. I remember that the first technique I was ever taught was a knee strike with a pull, the exact technique used in clinch fighting.

Lori O'Connell said...

I teach my students to use the knee against the thigh in a very similar way. It's highly effective!

Anonymous said...

We call this 'the horse bite' since it's quite painful, another term for it is the half knee since it's not really necessary to move the leg back to deliver a good strike and it can be thrown easily in a combo with rear knee - front half knee - rear knee. Works like a charm. Knees can also be delivered to the shoulder or the collarbone: when you pull him down and he defends his face go for the shoulder instead, very effective and he won't see it coming. Typical silat move.

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