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Post Workout Martial Arts Nutrition

People who have decent knowledge about nutrition and bodybuilding know that right after a hard workout, be it with weights or cardiovascular training, a good healthy, highly nutritional meal is needed, pretty much straight away to replenish the body and muscles of what they have used up. In the same way after a hard martial arts workout, one also needs to refuel. It is called the post workout meal.

The post workout meal is one of the most important ones of the day. It is one of the times in the day when the body is crying out for food the most. Consistently going without a good meal after a workout can leave some bodybuilders actually losing size or strength, something that is contrary to the goals.

For a martial artist, there is no difference. After a workout where one may be exerting a great amount of energy punching bags, sparring for many rounds, pulling, pushing, hitting, getting hit etc it is vital to get in the right amount of nutrients into ones body.

Everyone knows by now that protein is needed to repair damaged muscles which is the result of hard workouts and carbohydrates in order to replenish energy levels and for this reason one should consume quick acting protein and carbs. A protein shake and a couple of pieces of fruit are ideal.

However, one of the main nutrients that many overlook at this vital stage is water. With all the sweating that one does through training, it is vital that a good quantity of water is consumed after training and that it is consumed steadily, as frequent sips, for several hours afterwards. If you think about it, muscle is mostly made up of water and if you are not replenishing the water that is taken from the muscle and used as sweat, they shall not be as powerful, resulting in weaker techniques and slower movements.

Some people also feel that if one is training regularly (at least 5 times a week) then it is a good idea to take a multivitamin/mineral right after training with your post workout meal. This is because just like protein and carbs, your body is crying out for all these essential vitamins and minerals that have just been sweated out of the body. Many take this supplement first thing in the morning but this is an alternative.

The post workout meal is very important and while many martial artists like to have a quick beer or a burger with training partners after there workout (which is fine and encouraged on occasion) it may be a good idea to substitute that with a nutritional meal instead, especially if one is training for a competition or fight.


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Urban Samurai said...

I always try to eat something healthy a soon as possible after training. It really helps my recovery. Vitiamin supplements I don't bother with because I think they are basically a scam. There is no evidence at all to prove these things work. Your swallowing a placebo.

I also find a cold shower after training to be beneficial as well. It stops you feeling as sore the next day.

Adam @ Low Tech Combat said...

Thats the main reason I always try to do fitness training just before a meal. Its easy that way.

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