Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Older Articles

I thought I would take the liberty of posting a few of our older articles. Hope you enjoy them.

The feint is one of the best tactics that martial artists can employ. It is used mainly when striking, but can…rest

Evasion and Reaction Training
If you look at old Muhammad Ali fights one thing you will notice is that his reaction and evasion to punches is probably…rest

Street Fighting and MMA Style Fighting
Over the last few years we have seen UFC, Pride and others bring out the most advanced fighters the world has ever seen. They are able to…rest

Self Defence Breakfalling
This is just a quick comment on break falling. Last week when training nage komi (full throw repetitions) my partner was on the receiving end of a harai goshi…rest

The White Belt, your Best Training Partner
When you practice against higher belts of your school whatever style it is, you can learn some very valuable lessons. With all the knowledge they have gained through…rest

Punching Without Gloves
In the street if you unfortunately got in a situation where you had to defend yourself, youre not going to wearing big 16oz boxing gloves or even small MMA gloves…rest

The Best Weight Training Exercises for Martial Artists
There are many people who dont agree with weight training for martial arts. They argue that the use of weights…rest


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Matt "Ikigai" said...

All good stuff! I've enjoyed most of these articles and will check out the ones that I missed.

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