Friday, 17 July 2009

Manny Pacquiao Training

The following videos show boxer Manny Pacquiao training in which he runs, shadow boxes, performs bag and pad work and spars.

In order to better ones speed, power or any other attribute of fighting, one must train with lots of intensity. It takes hard work and dedication but it can be done.

These videos prove this. The speed which Pacquiao displays in his footwork and combinations is a sight to see, leaving one questioning weather the videos are speeded up or not.

Also what should be noted is the fact that he spars with people that are bigger than he is allowing them to also hit him in order to build up his conditioning. Getting used to harder punches and bigger people, helps him when taking on fighters his own size and weight. Enjoy.




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epicmartialarts said...

Nice clips. I've included the first one in a post I did on Pacquiao and at the moment its my favourite you tube clip.

The footwork in his shadow boxing is inspiring and is great to copy, as best you can. This will help you get quicker.

Since using this as inspiration my footwork has improved and was even noted by my teacher yesterday. But then he said I now need to take that into movement on the ground..... There's always room to improve!

KarateStudent said...

KarateStudent ("KS"); KS's Impression of the Manny Pacquiao Training Videos.

Viewing these video clips, especially the first one, KS (and everyone with eyes in their head) conclude(s) that Manny Pacquiao (M.P.) is, 1-in-a-million. That means that the other 999,999 of us stepping into the boxing ring against M.P. are going to what,? L O S E!!!

KS believes in THEORY, that the boxer is easy to defeat using traditional martial arts (TMA). Agile footwork, fast punches, physical aggression; TMA [Tang Soo Do (TSD) karate, here] is designed to handle each and every one of these boxer skills (Theoretically, that is.).

The problem is when coming to put theory into PRACTICE, WE ALL KNOW THE REVERSE IS TRUE(?). That is in full-contact fighting, the onus is on the traditional martial artist to prove him/herself against the boxer.

WHY? Take a look at MARKS Post, "Ernesto Hoost Highlights [February 2009]. Or, go to "" and check out the "Heavy Bag Training" video clip. These boxer / kickboxers are trained Physically-tough to take punishment while they pummel you to death with multiple rock-solid blows; and, will literally mow many a karate practitioner down like a scythe through tall grass.

Most readers will just interpret what KS has just said about M.P. as he is unbeatable. I mean, no one can react to M.P.'s lighting fast movement and deft footwork (No, change that to faster-than-lightning.), combined with his strong, aggressively-varied striking (Also, faster-than-lightning!).

KS has been 'threatening' [See MARKS Post of September 2009, "Martial Artists Being Aggressive" & Post of November 2008, "Aggression in the Martial Arts"] to describe the "Classical Karate Defense to the Manny Pacquiao Opponent." 'Classical' refers to attributes (MARKS term) that can be found commonly across most all styles of traditional martial arts.

KS did , in his very last free-style sparring contest as a TSD Yellow-Belt, encounter a M.P.-like style boxer opponent. KS does not believe most readers will accept or value what I present.

Some time ago, I read @ Yahoo Answers that 75% of readers voted that boxing was better than karate in a real fight. Since KS is a karate (TMA) fighter, I will lose 75% of the fighter-readers right off the bat!

KS is strictly a TMA (karate) fighter. Of the 25% of the fighting public that believes in karate, now split that in half because roughly half of TMA practitioners don't believe in forms--KS is now down to 12.5% of the fighter audience.

Split that in half again, because of the those that do tackle forms, many don't understand or have the discipline to train them properly--KS is now down to about 6% of all 'fighters.' And of this group, there are those who question the applicablity of forms training to actual combat. So KS is left with a small minority of 3% of the 'fighting' public. This is the audience KS is speaking to.

The strategy I used, a defensive one, against that boxer-opponent evolved from my training in the intermediate-level TSD Pyung Ahn Hyung. The hyung (forms-TMA, kata-japanese karates) are found in most all styles of TMA, hence these exercises are 'classical' martial arts.


See MARKS' January, 2010 Post "THE OPEN HAND GUARD."

Anonymous said...

One in a million, no, I'd say he's about one in 7 billion (the only one this good on the planet).
I thought the video was in fast forward...he's so quick.

Karate_Student said...


***** PART 1*****

KS's final match leading up to my next testing from a Yellow-belt was against a naturally- gifted fighter. The assistant head instructor pitted me against this fighter, then a white-belt, beginner (WBB).

I had seen the assistant head instructor (AHI)working with the WBB earlier that class on the Yellow-belt (YB) testing material. KS now a YB, ostensibly the matchup was for KS to assist WBB in the sparring techniques / end of the test.

WBB was naturally well-built, about KS's height a bit taller, lithe & in pretty good-looking shape. This suggested WBB had been working out but I didn't think much about it, assuming KS's role would be an extension of the AHI's readying WBB for the 1st belt (YB) test. WBB could have been an athlete.

The AHI gave the signal and the WBB came out swinging with a Right Cross. KS started practice of kicho techniques, & executed a Left middle block (LMB) against the Right Cross. I hadn't even barely moved out of the chambering the LMB block when the Right Cross pounded into my chest. WBB had not only retracted the Right cross, but had hit me with a Left Cross to the torso, while KS's LMB was about half-way to block postiton.

Suddenly another Right Cross arced around my nearly extended LMB and slammed into my chest! KS (me) reeling from the suprise, glimpsed another Left Cross coming in and I thought briefly about moving my uncompleted LMB to intercept the incoming Left--simply futile & so stopped.

WBB's blistering assault hit home (pun intended) to KS that kicho full ROM karate blocking was simply too slow & ackward against WBB's extremely quick & agile boxing attack, complemented by deft footwork.

WBB kept up this attack without much pause, only to shift the trajectory of punches. KS with his forward / fighting stance kicho karate was helpless, taking shot after body-shot. WBB was literally using KS for a punching bag!

How long this went on KS can't exactly remember. WBB problably hit me twenty (20) times, almost every punch landing, before KS realized I was going to have to do something (Laugh now as BAM,! another hit with that thought!).

It's times (crises) like these that your life (here karate life) flashes before your eyes--instinctively you think back through the totality of all your training. KS's 1st thought [Go ahead & laugh!] was the applied goal of traditional karate is to DEFEAT YOUR OPPONENT.

And so I, KS resolved to do just that. The immediate mental objective was that I was not going to stand there and be a punching bag for an obviously-talented, skilled boxer in tournament mode. BUT- (BAM,! another punch collides with my body.) BUT HOW?


Look @ MARKS POST January 2010, "THE OPEN HAND GUARD."


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