Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Illusion of Power for Strikers

The previous article described different ways in which illusions can be made to make strikes seem faster (here). This article hopes to provide illusions to make strikes seem more powerful.

Power along with speed, is something that defines a well trained martial artist capable of handling his/her own. Power is something that can be enhanced with the use of weights, callisthenics and also via ones actual martial art training. However just as one is able to create illusions to make there strikes faster, so can one create illusions to make there strikes more powerful.

Some of these are outlined below,

Hitting the correct spot – Many times in professional fights there have been instances where a fighter has seemed to be hit with the softest of blows but has been knocked out. The second Sonny Liston vs Muhammad Ali fight is a great example of this. However, by striking the correct vital spot such as the chin, or the temple etc, a soft blow can be seen to be much more powerful than it actually is.

Striking as your opponent moves in – Imagine two cars speeding front first into one another. If you can strike (stop hit) your opponent as they are moving in towards you, you shall be using the force of your strike to meet the forward momentum of them moving in, to create a very powerful blow. The blow will be twice as powerful.

Using certain striking points – No doubt a strike with the shin is more powerful and felt much more than a strike with the foot. The same can apply with knees and elbows as opposed to fists. By using parts of your body which are bony and dense, strikes with little force can seem more powerful than they actually are.

Striking a shocked opponent – If you are in shock and get hit, the blow can seem much more powerful. Ways in which this can be achieved is to strike an opponent unexpectedly (when getting up from the ground, straight away when the round starts etc) or to strike your opponent a split second after performing a loud kiai (shout).

Power is something that all martial artists wish they had more off. However, by using these methods above and many more which you should do your best to research and implement, you may be able to strike with much more power than you thought possible without having to actually strike, with more power.


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