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Rear Bear Hug Defence

Rear Bear Hugs is a part of fighting that many people do not give much thought to. Bouncers and security guards use the technique in order to control aggressive people and multiple attackers control there opponent/s with it. Also, during MMA fights it is not uncommon to see people held via rear bear hugs. They are used to control opponents in order to deliver back throws/suplexes. The Fedor Emilianenko Vs Kevin Randleman fight is a good example of it being used.

As mentioned, many people do not devote much thought, let alone practise time escaping the rear bear hug and it’s a shame. Knowing just a few simple escapes from the hold go a long way and will help martial artists defend themselves that little bit better regardless of there style.

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Some of these simple defences to the hold, which all are applicable for the street and some for competition, include,

Finger locks – If you can manage to grab a finger as opposed to the whole hand which can be easily locked by simply pulling on it, it will be much more effective and should be better for breaking the hold.

Groin attacks – Depending on how critical the situation is, should depend on how you attack the groin. Situations which are not life threatening will require a soft tap and your opponent should let go. If it is a life threatening situation hard strikes, grabs or tears may be needed. Obviously this applies only to male attackers.

Foot stomps – Stomping hard on your opponents feet may be all that is needed to break your opponents hold. If nothing else, it should draw your opponents attention away from holding you tight which should give you a chance to follow up the stomp.

Sukui Nage – To execute this technique the first step is to bring one leg behind your opponent as in the diagram. Then you hold behind your opponents legs with one hand and circle the other in front of his/her waist then behind there back or legs. You then simply scoop your opponent up and dump him/her behind landing on either there head or back depending on how the throw is carried out. From the initial position where you place a leg behind your opponent, this could be enough to break your opponents grip. Alternatives to throwing from this position could be elbow strikes to the chest or face or claw strikes to the eyes if the situation is critical.

Quick turns – Sometimes, if your opponent is not holding you tight enough, you can turn quickly so as you are facing your opponent as opposed to having your back facing him/her. Combined with a swinging elbow strike you may score a very powerful strike which could break the hold.

Defend the pick up – The best way to defend a pick up from a rear bear hug is to wrap you feet behind your opponents legs as soon as he/she starts to lift you up. Also squatting down into a sumo style stance which drops your weight and hips low will make it harder to be lifted.

Freeing yourself from a rear bear hug requires quickness as opposed to technique. The methods in freeing yourself from the hold do not require much training in order for one to be competent using them, but practising this situation is needed so one can develop the quick instinctive reactions needed to escape.


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Knive said...

A rear head butt also works quite well when combined with other techniques.

Potatoe Fist said...

Excellent review of techniques. We cover this class from time to time and before I got to the various techniques I couldn't actually remember what to do!

MARKS said...

KNIVE - I did not include the rear head butt for two reasons. 1) Most of the time, the person bear hugging, positions there head slightly to the side rather than directly behind the person they are holding so it would be more of a side head butt which would not be as effective. 2) Snapping the head backwards or sidewards at a pace needed to be effective can sometimes put too much strain on the neck.

However, there are times when the head but may be all one can do so yes, maybe it should have been included in the list.

POTATOE FIST - It can be very easy to forget these simple techniques when in the actual situation and is a good idea to practise them. Even a few minutes every know and then which is all that is needed really will help one to remeber them.

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