Friday, 15 May 2009

Kata Bunkai with Vince Morris

Karate is a martial art that has its roots in a wide variety of different fighting systems learned by many people throughout time. These people have recorded there fighting methods or students that have trained under them have recorded them, in Katas. These kata bunkai (fighting applications) show effective and most often than not brutal techniques which are designed to end street confrontations as quick as possible.

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Many times in various Karate Katas you see the following arm movements.

Sometimes as in Pinan Shodan above, the person performing is standing up right, other times bending down as in Kushanku.

True to the nature of authentic kata bunkai, Sensei Vince Morris demonstrates one possible and very practical throw from these movements which is taken from Kushanku. When performed at full speed and without the luxury of a padded floor the throw can be very devastating, and depending on where you grip your opponent it can be made a lot worse! For these reasons, if you intend to practise the technique, use extreme caution and never practise it at full speed.


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Potatoe Fist said...

Great video selection! The photos reminded me of another move in the beginning of another kata so video was unexpected and informative. The second set of exercises (face to face) looked like it took more muscle - just thinking of my back.

Colin Wee said...

That seems more like an interpretation for the manji uke (one hand up, one hand down) block rather than the double block as shown by the pictures. Colin

MARKS said...

COLIN - In Kushanku kata, after performing gedan barai and jodan age uke from a kneeling position at the same time, the arms cross for the preparation of yoko tetsui uchi (side hammer strike in which the person performing also raises to an upright position. I believe, these two movements, from crossing the arms to standing and performing the hammer fist strike is where the bunkai is from.

The pictures show Funakoshi performing the same arm movements excpet from an upright position as it is done in Pinan Shodan.

Bart said...

Great insight! I have trained with Sensei Vince and he is top in kata bunkai! Especially shotokan kata, his nijushiho bunkai is awesome

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