Friday, 3 April 2009

The D'Arce Choke

The video below shows one of my favourite chokes, the D'Arce Choke. Many times you may find yourself on top of your opponent and one of the first natural instincts from this position is to try and hold his/her arm. By controlling the arm by holding under the arm pit, it is relatively easy to thread your arm around your opponent’s neck. Once this is done the choke should easily be applied using any of the variations shown below. I personally prefer the variation where you hold inside the crook of your own elbow and press down on your opponents back.

When going for the choke from on top of your opponents back, you have to be quick because he/she may be able to arm roll out of the hold which you have under his arm. However if you have secured the neck and have your arms in a choking position, you can still obtain a submission even if your opponent rolls out from underneath. The above video shows the choke whilst turning your opponent on his back. This variation may be one of the best because you can control your opponent well, and there is less chance of him/her escaping, but there are other variations.

The below video shows Shinya Aoki using the D'Arce Choke in combat.


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