Monday, 20 April 2009

Combination Tips for Martial Artists

Combinations are needed in order to become a successful fighter. Relying on single techniques will not help one dominate during sparring or fighting. There are many martial artists that perform combinations and think that they are performing well, but the truth is that we all could do with being reminded of a few basic tips in performing combinations better.

Some of these tips include,

Should be fast but not rushed – Each technique must be thrown with speed but must also be distinguishable. By rushing through a combination, chances are that bad habits will form and one will become a sloppy fighter and techniques will not find there targets at all.

The combination should flow – Each technique should flow easily from the previous one, without much stress on joints, without taking too much time to perform and without sacrificing too much balance. If this does not happen, chances are there are better combinations which could be used.

Use different techniques – Beginners starting sparring, make one of the first mistakes of using the same combination over and over again. They are excused for this however as they are starting out. For more advanced martial artists to do this though is unacceptable, as they become known for using the same techniques and can easily be dominated.

Targets should be varied – By constantly attacking one area, for example just the head/face, the opponent will easily be able to defend himself. Attacking different targets, from head to feet during a combination will keep your opponent on there toes and chances are one, or more of the techniques in the combination will find its target.

Techniques do not have to hit – Some people think that each technique in a combination must hit its target, but the reality is that it is rare for this to happen and probably better to use some techniques in a combination as feints or set ups for others to follow.

Keep well guarded - It can be sometimes so tempting to perform combination techniques so fast that all sense of guarding oneself becomes neglected. Leaving yourself open to counter attacks is never a good idea.

The above tips should be kept in mind not just for strikers but also for grapplers. Grapplers will know that its best to use combinations when throwing, passing guard, going for submissions and in other instances so keep this tips in mind for them situations also.

To practise combinations as a grappler, make sure that the partner you are training with is willing for you to practise without fighting back. The same applies to strikers also but they can also use a mirror to practise alone and to check there form, that there techniques are aimed properly and that they keep guarded, relaxed and that each technique flows.


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