Wednesday, 29 April 2009

300 Posts! A Look Back in Time has reached its 300th post! Although some people are probably thinking that it is no huge feat, we at do.

So what has this website provided readers with.

Well the first ever article, Where your Eyes Should be Looking when Sparring was written as a favour. Someone asked this question and it was in answering it that was born. Other questions which where answered on the site include, Close Quarter Strikes (for Grapplers), Defence and Counter attack Timing and Chainless Heavy Bag Training.

Of course, questions being answered are not the only articles which make up the site. There have been articles related to Home Workouts, tips for techniques like Back Throw Twist (Secret to Ura Nage), The Backfist (Uraken), Tips for the Armbar (Juji Gatame)and Kick Catching for Throws and Takedowns plus articles which discuss issues like Martial Artists Plateau Effect, Training Workouts and Boredom and Is Sparring Useful in the Martial Arts.

As with every website that produces articles, there will always be some that not everyone agrees with. Some people do not think that what the article states is correct or have other opinions. is no different and has articles where many comments question the ideas and opinions of the articles such as Defending Rape Attacks, Karate Lunge Punch for Self Defence Training, “One Punch One Kill” is it Practical and Aggression in the Martial Arts.

This website is about training and fighting methods for martial artists. Training methods includes not just perfecting ones technique through regular martial art classes/solo training but also improving ones physical capabilities in order to be a better martial artist. For this reason many weight training, nutrition and supplemental training articles are included on the site such as, Cardio Exercises Which is Best?, Martial Arts and the Deadlift, Weight Training Mistakes for Martial Artists and Kettlebell Training for Martial Arts. Strategy is also a big part of becoming a better martial artist and the articles related to the Book of Five Rings which discuss this topic have proven to be a huge success.

Reading article after article however, can sometimes get boring, even if one enjoys the subject being discussed. Because of this at least once a week, a video article related to martial arts or supplemental training is published on the site to give visitors a chance to either see something funny, to pick up advice of some kind, to learn of certain techniques they are not familiar with etc. Video articles which have proven to be a hit on the site include, Wado Ryu Karate with Tatsuo Suzuki, Roy Dean Martial Arts, Medicine Ball Mistake, Nutrition of Bodybuilders and Mike Tyson Training Video.

With time and hard work, has reached its 300th post. Hopefully with further hard work it shall carry on for 300 more plus the rest. Thanks to all who have subscribed to the site, to those who visit us regularly and leave comments and hopefully it has provided you, and will continue to provide you with some knowledge, to help you become better martial artists.


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Thanks for the great posts! Keep 'em coming!

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Congrats on the milestone!! And thanks for the pro tips, love 'em =D

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