Friday, 27 March 2009

Shaolin Kung Fu Training Methods

I’m sure most people here know who the shaolin monks are and the fact that they are famous for there hard training systems and there extraordinary demonstrations.

I found the following video outlining some shaolin training methods and various demonstrations. Some of the demonstrations will be familiar to most but some will not.

The following impressed me the most,

The double bull hold – Holding the bulls with his arms seems a great isometric exercise for the chest muscles and one Im sure requires much strength and control.

The breaking of the bricks – Normally brick breaking demos are done so as each brick is separated by small spacers rather on top of each other as in this video. By spacing them out they are easier to break as the force of breaking the top brick breaks the ones underneath. As mentioned, this video shows no spacers between the breaks which makes it much harder to do.

The hanging exercise – In the film Drunken Master there is a similar scene. Filling up the bottom jar by obtaining water from the top jar makes this a very painful abdominal exercise. Also if you notice, the top jar is slightly to the left of the performer meaning that he must twist at the top of the movement working also his obliques and intercostals muscles. Truly painful!


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wim said...

This reminds me of something: A friend of mine went to Mongolia for the annual wrestling competition. Because of lack of training partners there, the local fighters practice with their horses, wrestle them to the ground.
Let's just say these guys were strong and hard to throw... :-)


Elias said...



Mark, I'm not sure if it was your advice to do cardio exercise with a mouthguard in (Pretty sure it was), but I tried it the other day, and it did make it noticably harder...


MARKS said...

ELIAS - Glad to be of service

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