Friday, 13 March 2009

Mario Sperry Guard Pass

Guard passing is a must for anyone involved in MMA or any style which included ground fighting. With more and more people nowadays coming up with interesting and very technical guard passes sometimes it is easy to forget about the fact that nearly all the time, guards are passed during sparring or competition via the simple, basic and time proven techniques.

Grapplers know that shrimping is a major part of becoming a successful grappler. Controlling your own hips in order to move back and forth from your opponent is needed in order to defend the guard pass. For the person trying to pass guard, being up against someone who knows this can be very frustrating.

The following video shows Mario Sperry getting round this problem. He uses a guard pass which is useful and one which I use many times and see as one of the best. Obviously it works best against an open guard or butterfly guard or when you have controlled one leg.

• First of all, he uses his body weight and arms to control his opponent’s hips and legs by dropping his chest onto him.
• Secondly when Sperry reaches to grab his opponent’s ankle in order to control his right leg so as he can not obtain guard again and which also stops him from shrimping with ease, he hides what he is doing by reaching under his bent left leg.
• Thirdly, Sperry crosses his right leg behind and over his left leg whilst still controlling his opponent, holding his ankle and keeping his chest pressed firmly on his hips.

This is a proven and yet very simple guard pass. It obviously needs the relevant drilling and practise when rolling, but because of its simplicity it will not take too long to become efficient in using it. As mentioned, there are a lot of very technical guard passes, but nearly always you will see grapplers passing guard using the basic techniques and it is probably good advice to make sure that these basic passes are practised the most often.


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