Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Workout times

Every one has a time during the day that they feel suits them best for working out. There are some who workout out each and every day at the same time. Weather it be a morning, afternoon or night workout, they know that when that certain time kicks in, if there not working out, they are doing something wrong and missed from the regular activities. Is this right? Should your body get used to training at the same time, day in day out?

For me, I have always preferred late afternoon or early evening workouts. This is the time for me when I have enough energy for tough workouts due to the food and drink I have consumed and because I have been active during the day any way, which in a way warms me up. However, I have found that occasionally changing workout times can shock the body into doing something at a time when it normally is less active.

Weather it be an early morning run or weight session, sparring on weekends in the middle of the day or performing a few sets of press ups and crunches half an hour or so before bed, it all forces the body perform at a time that it is not used to.

Shocking the body like this is similar to the way muscles are shocked when training with weights in order for them to grow. If you change your weight routine, by adding basic weight training principles, you shock your muscles by making them perform something they are not used to, hence making them grow.

By changing your workout times not only shall you be shocking your body but you may also find that it provides you with time to pursue other activates. For instance, whenever I train in the morning, although I find that I have to push myself to get it done, it leaves my afternoons and evenings free to do other things. For people with families you shall understand how precious this can be, and how much nagging from the wife it can save!

Try occasionally changing your workout times. See if it makes a difference not only to your fitness or martial art goals, whatever they may be, but also to your personal and family lives. Maybe you and others may appreciate the time you have to spare instead of working out.


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Anonymous said...

"For people with families you shall understand how precious this can be, and how much nagging from the wife it can save!"

Latly i have been doing my workouts at 6-7am for mainly the above reason, really liking the results, amazing how the body adapts to what you ask of it plus your day seems so much longer. Keep up the good blogging marks.

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