Friday, 27 February 2009

Medicine Ball Mistake

Medicine balls are great pieces of equipment for exercising. They have been used for combat athletes for years in order to improve balance, focus and produce strength in the core muscles.

An exercise, for which many use the medicine ball nowadays, is to hold the ball high above the head and throw it down on the floor as hard as possible. For MMA purposes, people say it is a great way to develop harder hammer strikes for ground and pound.

Although I think this may help in developing the muscles used for hammer strikes, I ALWAYS recommend you practise them on a bag which you have mounted on the floor. The reason why is shown in the following video.


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John Vesia said...

Medicine ball - there's a piece of equipment you don't see everyday. My one experience with a medicine ball was at an MMA school I trained at for a short time. The instructor had this drill where I would lay on my back and he'd throw the ball into my midsection, which I would catch. Great for desensitizing body shots. I'm guessing this is a routine similar to what boxers do.

MARKS said...

Its probably one of the best ways to solo practise conditioning. It is a very underratted piece of equipment.

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