Monday, 2 February 2009

Leg Lock from Yoko Shiho Gatame

Leg Locks have a long history. They are very painful if executed correctly and can be very dangerous causing major damage. However, leg locks are no where near as tempting to go for as arm locks. One of the reasons for this is because with most arm locks you leave your opponent in a position where he/she can not escape out of them because you also control there body with your own. With most leg locks however, because they are large limbs, it is hard to gain good control over your opponent for them not to escape out of.

There is one easy leg lock though that can be applied whilst gaining good solid control over your opponent, preventing them from escaping.

From the following Yoko Shiho Gatame position... control your opponents head with one arm, apply pressure to your opponents chest area by dropping most of your weight onto your his chest so he cannot move, keeping in mind your balance in case he tries to turn you, then with your other hand, you hook your opponents leg. To apply the submission you simply pull your opponents leg inwards towards his own head, in which pain is felt in his knee and hip. Igor Yakimov demonstrates perfectly (below right), the position you should be in, which is taken from the front cover of his DVD set Ultimate Leg Locks.

As with all submission holds, the best way to perform this submission is if it is presented to you. As you are holding your opponent down in yoko shiho gatame, once he/she bends his leg enough for you to hook it, (which he/she will probably do when trying to escape the hold) go for it. However, if his/her leg is not bent enough for you to hook and control it firmly, move onto another technique which is best for the position you are in.

The beauty of this lock is that you are also controlling your opponents body with the hold down, making it very hard for him/her to escape. It is a very painful submission hold and must be practised carefully in order to be applied correctly. Start off slowly, with your partner offering no resistance and once you are capable of applying it, slowly incorporate it into your sparring.


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