Friday, 20 February 2009

Ernesto Hoost Highlights

The following video is of one of my favourite Muay Thai Fighters and K1 veteran, Ernesto Hoost. Known to his fans by his dancing he performs after he wins, he has become a firm favourite with fight fans, and only Hoost could get away with having his highlights performed with background vocals by Ricky Martin and Livin La Vida Loca.

On a serious note, what always impressed me about Hoosts fighting style is how unless he is about to finish a fight, he nearly always finishes his combinations with a strong low roundhouse kick. Fighters are doing there very best to defend the punches which are thrown at there heads, that they do not think about anywhere else, which gives Hoost the perfect chance to kick hard to the legs. Enjoy!


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Wim Demeere said...

Hey, I just stumbled on your blog via toplist. Great stuff you have here!

I couldn't agree more, Hoost was one impressive guy. I always enjoyed how he could make such fluid striking combinations by pulling the hooks in. You see it well in the HL reel, each punch knocks the guy right into the next one and he just keeps going without losing balance. Impressive!

Ending combos with a leg kick is typical for the Dutch fighters. Rob Kaman excelled at it. If you haven't already seen it, look for his fight against Hoost on Youtube. Awesome match.


MARKS said...

WIM - yes, I know of Kamen. He also is a great fighter as is Ramon Dekar (not sure if i spelt that right). Many thanks for your comments. Keep ckecking back or subscribe to us for regular updates. All the best.

Wim Demeere said...

Yes, Dekkers is pretty impressive. He hits insanely hard for his size. In his fight against Jo Prestia (don't remember if it was the 1st or the 2nd), he lifted the guy off the floor with his middle kicks. Can't remember ever seeing somebody else manage that in the ring.

Really liking your blog. Keep up the great work,


MARKS said...

Thank You Wim, stay in touch.

BJJ said...

Incredible hand speed. Blistering Head Speed. Rapid Knockout blows. Awesome!

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