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Boxing Rounds in MMA?

The great boxing fights of the past have always gone the distance, or at least many rounds of the fight. Ali Vs Foreman, Ali Vs Frazier, Tyson Vs Holyfield, even Rocky Vs Apollo. These are just examples of some of the greatest fights ever witnessed in the square circle. Obviously, the fighters all being excellent athletes, is one of the reasons why the fights are remembered and considered classics, but also maybe because of the long distances each fight went and the anticipation, excitement and suspense which was built up each time during each fight.

In today’s era, MMA is the ultimate combat sport. Combining most unarmed elements of fighting, it seems to have overtaken boxing as the most exciting combat sport around.

However, could MMA’s round system be improved. 3, 5 minute rounds for non title fights and 5, 5 minute rounds for title fights in some people eyes is not good enough.

What if MMA adopted boxings round system? What would be the advantages and disadvantages?

A Build in Excitement – A fighter could be losing the first few rounds, but towards the final rounds, could start winning. As the long rounds continue, the excitement could rise, allowing for great fights.

Longer Fights – Fights would last longer. 12, 3 minutes rounds would last 36 minutes in length (without breaks between rounds) and 15, 3 minutes rounds which could be for title fights for example would last 45 minutes (again without breaks between rounds). Sometimes paying to watch only 3 or five rounds feels like your getting robbed. If its an exciting fight with plenty of action, people paying to watch the fight would certainly feel that they have got there money’s worth.

Could be boring – Some fights tend to be very boring, especially when fighters get tired (gas) and spend most of the time lying on each other on the floor. For fans who have paid to see these types of fights, chances are they shall not return.

Less fights on the Card – With shorter rounds and quicker fights, there is the opportunity to have many fights on the same card (on the same night). If fights last longer, the amount of fights will be limited.

More punishment – Because of the longer fights, fighters will endure much more punishment through strikes and the risk of injury is greater.

These are just a few advantages and disadvantages given. If MMA adopted boxing’s round system maybe it would be a good idea or maybe it would not. It would certainly be worth tested though to see the results and opinions. Many people would very interested just in seeing if it made a difference or not regarding the excitement, and suspense of each fight.

Im sure people have there own reasons why this would be a good or bad idea and I encourage you to share your comments and opinions below.

Boxing rounds for MMA fights, what do you think?


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